It’s been years since my last blog post (on my old blog), now I decided to start writing again. I logged in to my old blog and got a message to update ghost. Ghost finally reach version 1.0 after 4 years 🎉. I like ghost since they were in kickstarter and change my blogging platform from wordPress to ghost soon after ghost open sourced their code. But upgrading ghost is different this time, it dropped support for postgresql and have to backup all contents and do a clean install v1.0. While installing mariadb, suddenly I remember the plan to move my blog to hugo last year but don’t have time for that. So I cancel mariadb installation and delete ghost app from heroku 😆.

Deleting my blog

I feel like running a blog with dynamic page is very inefficient. Why would generate a new page for every request? sure blogging platform can cache the page but still, they ran tasks like validating cache, access database, run specific plugin and serve the page. With static page computation needed to serve the page is very minimal. I can store my static page for free in github page or netlify or S3. I can still write in markdown, have comment section, search, or newsletter.

There are a lot static page generator, why hugo? I read many posts on my twitter and facebook newsfeed about moving their blog to hugo, so I’m just going with the hype. Hugo is also very fast, I read one post that jekyll compiles entire site almost 10 minutes. It also flexible, writing a custom page or content types require minimal effort in hugo, with wordpress you need to build a plugin and extend the theme for that type.

For host I choose netlify, they have unlimited sites, unlimited access, unlimited storage, global CDN, SSL, Custom Domain, and 70+ production-grade features for free, this is comparison between github page and netlify. I don’t how they going to pay for that, but I don’t mind paying $5 for these features, compared to Ghost(Pro) their users have to pay $19 for 1 blog and limited 50,000 views.

So that’s it for my first post in this new blog. I’m gonna write more posts soon, but I think mostly not about programming or machine learning, just random thoughts.