I have many sleeping problem since I was a child. Sleep is my biggest enemy that I need, it’s like Batman and Joker need each other. Hard to sleep (took hours to completely asleep), can’t sleep for 2-3 days, too much sleep (10-15 hours a day), hypnic jerk, sleep paralysis, can’t wake up even with a very loud alarm, or unconsciously solving a puzzle alarm. Sometimes my sleeping problem appear when I’m very stress, still have much work to do, too many ideas for tomorrow, very excited about something, or just too much caffein.

This is how I managed to handle my sleeping problems, please note that this is not always works even for me:

  • Workout before sleep
  • Sleep on the floor with thin carpet (if you sleep too much)
  • Imagine simple or non-sense things and pretend like you’re dreaming
  • Drink much water to wake up early
  • Wash my head with warm water
  • Split one big task into smaller tasks, this really helps reduce the stress
  • Try to finish every task assigned for today, leaving today’s task for tomorrow only brings more tasks I won’t finish tomorrow (this is still my problem)
  • Sleep with hands under my back or feet touching my butt
  • Stop the brain to work, control and let go any thoughts, imagine the void
  • Feel the body is paralyzed
  • Watch yawn compilation, I don’t know why this trick works many times

Hope those tricks work for you if you have any sleep problems like me.